Grandma-Verified Statistics

October 26, 2009 at 10:36 am | Posted in NAHSL Annual Meeting 2009 | Leave a comment

Now we’re talking! In the Semantic Web lecture, we are watching a video called a TED talk which is a lecture by Hans Rosling on global economic and health progress ove the last centure and a half. The visual representation of the statistics is incredible and hard to describe. It includes some nifty animation, but what makes it relevant is Hans showing his lineage, from his grandma up to the present, showing what modern day country’s status most closely resembles Great Grandma’s society’s status (and Grandma’s and Mom’s, etc) at the time of her birth. Making statistics visually comprehensible and relevant. Fascinating. See the TED talk at:

Breaktime. Librarians all in search of a bun. 🙂



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