Lunch with Connie

October 26, 2009 at 1:31 pm | Posted in NAHSL Annual Meeting 2009 | Leave a comment

At lunch, someone announced, “Connie Shardt, our MLA president, is here. Would some of you like to join her at her table?” It sounded a little like a grade school teacher trying to recruit some “lunch buddies” for the new kid. I figured, though, that Connie’s table would fill up fast, so I grabbed my seafood minestrone soup and dashed over to grab the last empty seat. Sitting at the Presidential table turned out to be a pretty democratic experience. I liked that there were at least 3 “young’uns” – new to the medical library profession. They struck me as super smart (or “wicked smaaht” as we say in Boston) and really tuned into the medical students they work with. I asked the group what they thought of ASKpro, the SLA’s proposed new name. Nobody liked it. Neither do I, but I think the SLA is on the right track. I just don’t think they’ve got it right. Connie said it reminds her of a saying she has in her office, “You can’t get rid of baggage by calling it luggage.” What is our baggage? Our name? Our books? our facilities? I say all of the above – and more!



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