PubMed Redesign Overview

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[From Lauri Kolakoski Fennell, Outreach Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region]

I did plan on holding an online session to review the PubMed Redesign later in November but given that the redesign is now live I will hold a few brief half hour sessions sooner. The content will be similar to the session held at NAHSL. These sessions will not require registration but will be offered as drop- in sessions.

PubMed Redesign Overview

Tuesday November 3rd at 10am-10:30am

Monday November 9th at 2 pm-2:30pm

The system has a limit of 50 participants so please try to log in early at

Sign is as Guest with your name.

Some Adobe Connect tips:

The audio portion is done through telephone lines. It works well to have the system automatically call your phone. There should be a pop up prompt asking you to enter your phone number just after you log in. If your telephone has an extension you will have to call in, the number and code is included in this e-mail and will also be displayed in a “Notes Pod” in the opening screen.

Please note that the system suggests you mute your phone by using *6.

Your phone may also have a mute button. We have learned from past experiences that placing a phone on hold will play “hold music or messages”, if your institution has them, to all of the participants so please be aware of this.

The number and passcode to call in if needed are: Conference Number:

1-866-846-3997 Participant Code: 938184

Here is a copy of the Diagnostic to test your computer in case you haven’t used this program before.


Connect Diagnostic

Use this link to verify that your personal computer can connect to Adobe Connect in advance of a session. This will give you time to address any problems. The link will determine whether connection speed is sufficient, network access is allowed, flash player is installed, etc.

Here is the link:

If you have questions please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the day, Lauri


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