Looking ahead to 2009-2010

November 9, 2009 at 1:22 pm | Posted in General News | 1 Comment

Dina McKelvy, 2009-10 NAHSL Chair

A few words as I start my year as NAHSL chair. I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the board and the membership this year.

The following are some areas of interest I would like to explore. We will spend some time discussing them at the Dec 11 board meeting. If any of our members would like to comment on them, please do so here, or by emailing me directly at mckeld1 @ mmc.org

1. NAHSL/MLA relations: Promoting the chapter to our MLA members, and the MLA to our chapter members. Encouraging new MLA leaders from our chapter. Encouraging MLA activities among our chapter members.

2. Emerging trends in health sciences libraries: Building on the NAHSL innovations. Considering the profound changes in our profession. Visioning our profession in the future and imagining the road map to get there.

3. Improved communications/networking: Exploring on-line voting and web meetings. Address relevant by laws changes as needed. Possible development of other forms of communication/social networking tools.

4. Reconsideration of our activities and resources: Addressing the conference task force’s findings. Also, considering the greatest needs of our members at this time and how we can best use our resources to meet them. Are there new outlets for the use of our funds that would benefit the profession or our membership?

These are some areas of interest for the coming year which the board will discuss further. Please keep in touch as the year goes on.  We want to hear from you!

Best-Dina McKelvy, NAHSL Chair, 2009-2010
Maine Medical Center Library


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  1. These are GREAT launching points for discussion and action. We’re on our way! Thanks, Dina!

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