Another Great NAHSL Innovation!

December 21, 2009 at 12:53 pm | Posted in Continuing Education, NAHSL Innovations | 2 Comments
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Thank you to Nancy Goodwin of Tremaine Library at Middlesex Hospital for sharing the following innovation with the Marketing and Continuing Education Committees. The members of these committees wish to share Nancy’s idea with everyone. Feel inspired!

“To celebrate National Medical Librarians Month we used the fishing theme to market the library.  We had lots of give-aways – bookmarks in the shape of a fish with the library’s contact information, individual packets of gummy worms, goldfish crackers, and chocolate fish cookies.  People entering the library walked past a window filled with undersea creatures and we had a real Chinese Fighting Fish on display inside.  We held a contest for tickets to Mystic Seaport by guessing the number of seashells in a large fishbowl and we created another contest, “Hook a Chance,” to answer a quiz of five questions using five different library databases. During the month a jigsaw puzzle of tropical fish was completed by patrons who were delighted to spend their break time on it. The librarians offered four workshops during the month on using library databases and handed out the fishy snacks at each one. We were successful in reaching several people who had never come to the library before and in reminding others in a humorous way about the Library’s many services.”



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  1. What a great way to promote library services, Nancy! Congratulations on building your customer base and support. This should be an inspiration to other libraries!

  2. Congratulations Nancy, you’ve done it again, and made a “big splash” with many new library users no doubt! This is not the first of Nancy’s brilliant outreach efforts, but joins the list of other very creative promotional events that inspire us all and introduce or keep everyone mindful of what the library can do.

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