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Hi all – and Happy Holidays!

The Executive Board met in Shrewsbury on Dec 11th. We welcomed some new board members – including Katherine Stemmer Frumento (Conference chair -elect) and Valorie Banfi (Membership chair).

We spent the morning brainstorming on the following topics: NAHSL/MLA relations, emerging professional trends, improved communications, and reconsideration of our activities and use of resources. The conversation was open and spirited – and generated a lot of great ideas that we will pursue this year. Of course, some ideas blossom and others do not, so I will be in touch after each board meeting to let you know how the ‘garden’ is coming along. And of course if you have input or want to get involved – many hands make lighter work!

Some of the ideas we plan to pursue include:

  • More engagement with MLA/non-NAHSL members in our region through membership outreach and invitations to CE classes and conferences;
  • Mentor relationships between NAHSL members to encourage MLA leadership and research/publishing activities through increased exposure on the NAHSL website, and possible conference program events;
  • Increased awareness of our members’ innovative projects through exposure on the NAHSL website/blog and possible conference program events;
  • Exploration of LibGuide as a portal for NAHSL to integrate a website, blog, & wiki more seamlessly;
  • Bylaws change to enable electronic voting, and possible use of MegaMeeting remote meeting software;
  • Consideration and implementation of the Conference Task Force Report;
  • Exploration of an annual academic scholarship for library science students, or other means of making lasting connections with up and coming library professionals;
  • Funding opportunities for small technology innovation projects by our members;
  • Redesign of the NAHSL logo.

The board then set about the difficult task of translating these goals into this year’s budget – which we did very successfully. I’m very proud of the work of the board at this meeting. If you ever have comments, concerns or questions about the board’s activities – please contact me, or another board member. We are working for YOU!

All the best in the New Year – Dina McKelvy, NAHSL Chair


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