A New Year, A New Model for Medical Libraries

January 4, 2010 at 12:33 pm | Posted in Advocacy and Gov't Relations | Leave a comment
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The Hospital Library Subcommittee (HLS) of the New England Region’s Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) met at the NAHSL 2009 conference in Maine to work on a model for hospital librarianship that is more adaptable and “future-proof” than what is currently in place in most hospitals. The committee has begun work on a model based on “knowledge transfer.” Here is a brief synopsis:

1. We use data to gain information.
2. We use information to gain knowledge.
3. We use knowledge to inform practice.

Where do we, the medical librarians, fit in? We fit into points 2 and 3. Here is our “mission”:

To assist hospital staff (medical, nursing, research, administrative, etc.) in acquiring knowledge necessary for best practice, through the organization and research of evidence-based information.

I credit Jacqueline Doyle with providing a model for developing our mission statement, based on her 2003 article , “A job with a view: perspectives from the corporate side of the hospital” J Med Libr Assoc. 2003 Jan;91(1):12-7. (I highly recommend this article to all hospital librarians!)

You will read more as 2010 progresses and our HLS group works on this model. Happy New Year, everyone!

Margo Coletti
Chair, Government Relations Committee, NAHSL
Chair-Elect, Hospital Library Section, MLA


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