NAHSL Board News – March Board Meeting

March 17, 2010 at 3:11 pm | Posted in General News | Leave a comment
Here is the news from the intrepid NAHSL Board!  We are hard at work and have several interesting initiatives underway. As I mentioned before, some ideas will bloom and others will not, but in any case, we are tending the garden!
We spent the morning delving further into some of our big issues: implementation of the conference task force report, technology grant details and scholarship progress report. Bear in mind that the official minutes of the board meeting will be available on after they are approved in June.

Here are the highlights!

  • Implementation of the conference task force report, specifically the suggestion to separate the role of Conference Chair (appointed position) from NAHSL chair-elect (elected officer) will necessitate a bylaws change. The board agreed this separation was a good idea, and we will draft a proposed change to the bylaws to be approved by the board in June.  The bylaws change is then approved by MLA, and then brought to the membership for a vote at the Annual Meeting in October. The same process will occur with the proposed change that we enable electronic voting.  
  • A proposal and application for the technology grant will be designed for our June board meeting. 
  • The scholarship task force has met and reported on its progress. We will also have a detailed proposal for the board in June.  
  • Further discussion of LibGuide as a portal for NAHSL to integrate a website, blog, & wiki, etc on one site.  We had a sneak peak at a template created by Sally Gore – very nice! 
  • Conference news. Rhode Island is going to be great! Great location, fabulous speakers, fun activities!  Visit their site:
  • There was a lot of discussion about streamlining and standardizing some of the conference planning process. The old ‘Conference Manual’ is now in my possession, and we are considering ways to make the relevant materials in it more accessible to the planners.
  • News on the NAHSL/MLA front: Did you know that anyone can find a mentor on the MLA website?  Looking for someone in our region with expertise in publishing, grant writing or JCAHO?  Search here! Are you an MLA member?  Sign up to be a mentor!  We really want to see more NAHSL members in there!
  • Our marketing committee is exploring a redesign of the NAHSL logo. More to come!

I’m very proud of the Board’s work so far.  A year goes by very quickly – and there is a lot we hope to accomplish!  If you ever have comments, concerns or questions about the Board’s activities – please contact me, or another board member. We are working for YOU!

Enjoy the Springtime!– Dina McKelvy, NAHSL Chair


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