Thoughts about MLA 2010…

June 21, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Posted in Awards and Recognition, General News, Meetings | Leave a comment

[Pat Padula, Landmark Medical Center, Woonsocket, RI, received a scholarship from NAHSL this year to attend the annual meeting of the Medical Library Association, held in Washington, DC in May. She shares some of her reflections of the conference with us here.]

Enjoyed Connie Schardt’s story of her predecessor’s A+ reference work in finding the exact information needed for the recovery of a failing MS patient. This astute medical librarian, who reached out to the patient’s husband whom she knew as a radiologist at Duke and who, after a succinct reference interview with him, followed up with a literature search, was able to find the life-saving treatment for his wife when it looked like there was no hope.  Connie’s illustration reminded me how our efforts in both networking and outreach can literally save lives and that we really do make a difference.  Also, her story about NAHSL being her favorite chapter meeting last year was very enlightening in that it reinforced the importance of MLA and its resources in advocacy for health libraries and librarianship.

Daniel Pink’s right-brain exercise in empathy. Who knew which side of the brain determined if you were empathic or not? (BTW, my forehead “E” opened towards the left.)

Relevant Issues section: Health Information for Those Left Behind – examples of library outreach projects illustrated how both educated and uneducated populations need and benefit from health librarians’ guidance on how and where to look for the best information available, and that these populations need not be left out in receiving quality health information services.

Posters – Rhode Island’s were among the best. In addition to their excellent content, graphics, and design, the posters submitted by Barbara Davis from Newport Hospital and Mary Ann Slocomb from Rhode Island Hospital emphasized advocacy and outreach now at the fore of MLA’s current and future mission.

Mingling with all of the people and colleagues you only get to see at MLA.

Reveling in the awesome energy and sites found only in Washington, D.C.

Having the opportunity to become a better librarian by increasing my knowledge of the profession and fostering networks not available elsewhere.


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