Lunch & Learn: Multi-tasking at Its Finest

October 12, 2010 at 4:25 pm | Posted in Continuing Education, NAHSL Innovations | 2 Comments

[This NAHSL Innovation was submitted by Mary Ann Slocomb, MSLS, AHIP, Director of Library Services, Lifespan AMC and Women & Infants; RIH Archives, Rhode Island Hospital/Lifespan, Peters Health Sciences Library]

On the first Wednesday of each month from 11:30am to 1:30pm, Sue Warthman, Public Services Librarian, at Rhode Island Hospital packs up a laptop computer from the library and heads for the hospital cafeteria at the other end of the hospital campus. She has made arrangements for a table and chairs to be set up near the cafeteria entrance or exit to catch people on the way in or out of the cafeteria. Sue is holding a “Lunch and Learn” session where she is reaching out to employees and making them aware of the library’s services and resources. She will help them with researching a topic or show them the various resources that are available on the library’s intranet site. Besides the laptop, Sue brings lots of handouts, brochures and business cards. She also sells discarded, deleted health sciences books that she brings over on a cart from the library. On the front of the table there is a banner which reads “Lunch & Learn Lifespan Library”. So far during the two hours sessions she spends in the cafeteria she has met with 30 to 40 persons per session. Since the library is a distance from the main buildings, this is one way that the library goes out to meet the customers.



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  1. Thank you for not putting up my picture!

  2. Wait until after the Annual Meeting. We’ll have one then. 🙂

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