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NAHSL  Professional Development Scholarship for Conference 2010

Newport, RI Oct. 24-26, 2010

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to the Conference on this scholarship. I served on the Conference Planning Committee (CPC), specifically on the Hospitality Committee. Being on a committee gave me a unique perspective as an attendee, serving behind the scenes. For 2 years, meeting with the committee, my many duties included planning the meals, hiring the entertainment and transportation, and using my creative energy for coming up with ideas. Several that went over well were the Dinearounds. These “No Host Dinners” were fun, a great way to spend time with seasoned colleagues, and meet new folks. Saturday night I led one dinearound, with 6 people including 3 CPC members. Monday, registrants could choose 2, after the reception, to enjoy a night on the town. Two of my CPC colleagues led these. There were a total of 16 individuals between the 2 restaurants.  Due to my love of fine, high end, artisan chocolates, I also provided an excursion to a free “premier event”– a dessertaround. I have a superb rapport with the Proprietor, Martha Marie Grogan at Destination Chocolate and we had 18 folks enjoying samplings of tasty morsels of chocolate, European drinking chocolate, and sipping Prosecco wine. In the past 2 years I personally sought out a variety of restaurants that registrants may want to visit, and did quality control at as many as I could. It was a sacrifice, but someone had to do it. 🙂

I spent a lot of my time staffing the hospitality table, Monday being the busiest day, where I woke up and hit the ground running. I did a variety of duties–helped folks find rooms in the hotel, get directions to the Cliff Walk, find good restaurants, point out the best attractions, etc. One highlight was on Sunday, for the Welcome Reception at the Rotunda at Easton’s Beach.  I decorated the tables with pretty shells, “beach glass” and candle holders made of recycled glass (keeping our theme of “going green”). The Hospitality committee had fun using their creative talents for this. Great catered food from Morin’s Catering Company and camaraderie held everyone’s attention, after riding the Carousel (yes, a good old fashioned functional carousel) a bunch of times.

I attended one breakout session on Monday. Entitled “Librarian Engagement with Information Services Department at Care New England” It was presented by James Sullivan (substituting for Dr. Cedric J. Priebe III, MD) and Nancy Ross, Librarian and CPC member and President Elect of ARIHSL.  I helped by being timekeeper. The basic premise for this was that the librarian always worked with Dr. Priebe and Mr. Sullivan, being included in meetings, giving and receiving feedback, working on understanding the vocabulary used in the medical, computer, and library fields. Superbly done, Ms. Ross knew her material and was interesting. James Sullivan  also was intelligent and interesting. The Power Point can be found on the NAHSL conference website

On Tuesday I attended the plenary session 4: Knowledge Services and the role of Medical Libraries…by John Halamka, MD. I liked his down to earth style, sense of humor and how he tried to stress that librarians have a great challenging role working with the medical profession on the changes of records from print to electronic and conveying the information to users and patients in user-friendly and understandable language. His PowerPoint presentation is also on the NAHSL Website.

I had a wonderful time.  I recommend that NAHSL members join a conference committee. If they do not undergo that experience, then certainly they should at least come to the conferences.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cherine Whitney (AKA the hat lady–literally and figuratively)


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