What is Evidence-Based Practice in 2010?

December 28, 2010 at 10:34 am | Posted in NAHSL Annual Meeting 2010, Professional Development | Leave a comment

[The following is a summary of the NAHSL 2010 Breakout Session on EBM by NAHSL member, Robin Devin.]

The most heavily attended breakout session during the 2010 NAHSL conference was the session titled “What is Evidence-based Practice in 2010? Perspectives from a Doctor, a Nurse, and a Librarian.”  For those who were not able to attend I would like to provide a brief summary of the session and urge you to visit the NASHL program website to view the PowerPoints presented by the speakers.

The first speaker was Dr. Brian S. Alper, Editor-in-Chief of DynaMed (EBSCO).  His talk was titled “How to Make EBP Practical.”  He provided a definition of EBP and explained what the term means in practical clinical usage.  He also provided an explanation of what counts as evidence.  His talk included information on the challenges faced by the practitioner in using EBP and he provided strategies for librarians to assist in providing EPB resources.

The second speaker was Cynthia Padula, PhD, RN, who presented a talk titled “Evidence-Based Practice from a Nursing Perspective.”   Dr. Padula serves as a nurse researcher at Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI and as the director of the nursing master’s program at Rhode Island College.  She described EBP from a nursing perspective and reviewed the what and why of its use in that profession.  She explained the core competencies required by nurses and the barriers to their use of EBP.

The last speaker was Janene Batten, the librarian for the Yale School of Nursing.  Her talk was titled “Librarians: Poised and Ready for EBP.” She provided information on the librarian’s role in providing evidence-based research to nurses, nursing students and faculty.  She emphasized the importance of establishing relationships with your users.  She also provided tips on marketing your services to your patrons.

The session ended with a lively discussion which could have continued well beyond the time allotted.  But as a member of the Program Planning Committee and the timekeeper for the session, I unfortunately had to call an end to the breakout session.  I am grateful to NAHSL for providing me with a scholarship that subsidized the cost of attending this year’s valuable and informative conference.


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