8 “NAHSLs” And Counting…

January 25, 2011 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Awards and Recognition, NAHSL Annual Meeting 2010 | Leave a comment

Dear Folks,

As a recipient of a 2010 NAHSL Professional Development Award, I was given a not so subtle hint that I needed to post to the NAHSL Listserv about how NAHSL has helped me!

I was actually happy to receive the reminder, and my thank-you to our organization is long overdue! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended the NAHSL conference every year since 2003, which makes the 2010 conference my 8th – this is despite the fact that I am quoted in Sally Gore’s video as saying I have attended 6 NAHSL conferences. Just for fun, you can see that and other folks guessing how many NAHSL conferences they have attended just below – thanks Sally!:

In addition to NAHSL 2010 in Newport, I am also appreciative for funding provided to attend NAHSL 2007 in Woodstock, VT (As I said, I am long overdue for this message…). This means that 25% of my NAHSL registrations have been paid for by our professional organization! This support enabled me to do all of the things that we go to conferences for – networking, learning, collegiality, etc. These are the things that keep us on our toes, help us think in different ways, and keep us up to date. In other words, NAHSL has greatly assisted me in remaining “useful”, and isn’t this what is most important?!

Finally, in my capacity as co-chair of the NAHSL Education Committee, we are busily planning upcoming events, but we are never to busy to hear from you – so please let us know how we can help keep you “useful” at your respective organizations!

Stay Warm and hope to hear from your soon!

Nathan Norris, MLS, AHIP
Information Specialist
Knowledge Services/IS
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, MA


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