Your Money Well Spent

June 15, 2011 at 12:07 pm | Posted in General News | Leave a comment

[Submitted by Linda Kaczmarczyk, NAHSL Treasurer]

NAHSL members may find it interesting to see what happens with their yearly membership dues and payments for meetings or CE classes.

The Treasurer prepares a yearly budget that is scrutinized line-by-line by the Executive Board at its December meeting and after discussion, a consensus is reached as to what the expected income and expenses will be for the coming year.

Working closely with the various committee chairs throughout the year, checks are deposited from members, vendors and meeting exhibitors and then checks written to cover expenses for professional development expenses which include grants for attendance at MLA meetings and  NAHSL meetings, quarterly grants; payments for speakers/CE instructors; MLA webcasts; service providers such as caterers, bus companies, AV equipment rentals; and down payments and payments for meeting facilities.  Usually two NAHSL conferences are carried on the books – the current year and upcoming year.  Credit reports must be provided when a hotel is chosen for a future meeting.

Yearly the IRS is contacted for forms to be filled out and sent to speakers for their income tax preparation and also back to the IRS; an annual report is filed and fee paid for Incorporation; MLA headquarters receives a comprehensive financial report; and a report is made of income/expenses and assets for the NAHSL business meeting.

Quarterly budget and income/expenses reports are made to the Executive Committee.

The beginning of the year with yearly dues being received from the membership chair and the time surrounding the annual meeting with registration  checks arriving as well as many checks being written to cover the meeting  are especially busy.  All expenses are examined very closely before payment.

I hope this little glimpse helps you to see how your money is handled.


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