MLA Annual Meeting Recap: Chapter Sharing Roundtables

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MLA One Health – Chapter Roundtable: Table #7 (Instruction Techniques)
Facilitator: Robert Cagna
Recorder: Susan Warthman
Participants: Robert Cagna ‘’, Linda Hartman ‘’, Jenny Pierce ‘’, Susan Sanders ‘’, Susan Warthman ‘’, and Barbara Wood ‘’.
Participants enjoyed lunch and then proceeded to introduce themselves and share what they expected to get from the roundtable discussion. Basically, participants were interested in sharing tips on teaching and learning styles.
1. Participants were interested in sharing class evaluations with each other. They wondered what is the best way to evaluate a class; both in a single session and over time. After MLA, participants will email each other the examples of evaluations they use. Using a pre and post- test was mentioned. They hope to determine how to best assess each of their own classes.
2. Participants discussed searching. Susan S. demonstrates the mechanics of searching in her classes and applies it to Google, Google Scholar and then Pubmed. It was mentioned that most students don’t know what databases are.
3. Discussion ensued on techniques used to help students understand the parts of a citation, such as showing them a book and ask them to “find this term” in the book (determine if they use index or TOC), using metaphors such as; internet movie database as for searching in academic databases, using iStore, Twitter hash tags (to teach MESH terms), Play Doctor- EBM 10 clinical questions-set up search strategy and find articles to support your stance, and searching terms such as “heel” or “killer pop machines” to see what results appear in Pubmed.
4. Discussed online evaluations and what people use. Some use Survey Monkey. Discussed a web site that evaluates survey validity, among many other things.
5. Discussed online training videos and online tutorials like Moodle used at the point of need. Talked about PDFs versus videos.
6. Mentioned “Master Educator”- open forum which captures best practices of instructor.
7. Mentioned how to “Play Doctor,” setting up clinical questions, applying PICO, and evaluating articles as they support thesis.

Susan Warthman, MLIS, AHIP

Director of the Library & Information Commons

New England Institute of Technology

One New England Tech Blvd.

East Greenwich, RI 02818-1258

401 739-5000 X3553


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