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I had the opportunity to attend the NAHSL ’13 Conference thanks to the NAHSL Professional Development Committee.   Congratulations, Massachusetts, it was an outstanding conference; and the wonderful setting contributed to a relaxed atmosphere that supported learning.

A little personal story… late August, I had to answer several questions from our Finance team during the budget preparation process.   My responses were to be in writing.  Now, I know my budget inside and out, upside down and backwards.   But I was having such trouble articulating the answers because I was drowning in detail.   My Director said simply….” Just answer the question”.    Words of wisdom.   But this made me do some self reflection:  how do I communicate when it is imperative that I do it well?   I thought I did it effectively, but…maybe not as well as I could.

With this experience in mind, I took advantage of these learning opportunities at NAHSL:

  • Business communications:  library style (CE)
  • The Value Study
  • The Secret Power of Presenting

 As professionals, we are dedicated to supporting our library users (who are our colleagues) with the best evidence and the highest level of service. We create a welcoming environment.   We remove any barriers to access.  We empower our colleagues to use resources well.   We model “service excellence.”  We make informed decisions as we select our resources to support the work of our colleagues.   We are excellent stewards and spend our budget dollars wisely.   We actively engage in continuing education and our own journey of personal development.

 But how do we continue to communicate and prove our value in these challenging and extremely difficult times for our hospitals and for healthcare?   How do we ensure that the power of our “stories” is valued and our libraries are funded?    How do we ensure that even though our libraries don’t generate revenue, we are a worthwhile investment that continues to pay dividends?

 This is something that we are all struggling with as we continue each and every day to support our colleagues, who in turn are caring for patients and families.

 Well back to my story.   The answer was simple.   A clear chart in excel with bulleted discussion points. 

 If only proving our value and stating our case was as simple.

 Good luck to all.

 Anne-Marie Kaminsky, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, CT


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