NAHSL 2014 – Talents, Gifts and Superpowers

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It was wonderful to see such a display of our NAHSL expertise at the 2014 conference!  From the Talent show to the Lightning rounds to the Poster session I learned a great deal from my colleagues and about my colleagues!

Here’s one word about that Talent show – WOW. Not only am I impressed by the variety of talent in our organization, I am impressed by the dedication shown in fostering those talents. Someone may be born with a gift for singing, but it is the discipline and hard work that expands that aptitude into a talent that you can share with others. Thank you to everyone who participated!

And superpowers? What are they? I like to think of those as our talents and gifts applied to solving problems and making the world a better place. Some superpowers I saw on display:

Gary Atwood  (UVM)– helping people learn to navigate information in real time with a “guide on the side”;

Donna Belcinksi (Greenwich) – facilitating access to relevant literature for residents and attendings for morning report and journal club;

Debra Berlanstein (Tufts) – rethinking roles and partnering across libraries to improve communication and access to electronic resources;

Madge Boldt (Rhode Island) – charging up her users and their devices to improve access to mobile content across the campus;

Irena Bond (MCPHS) – partnering with a campus in Peru to improve searching skills and access to the medical literature;

Lori Bradshaw (St. Marys) – making reading material available to patients to improve their experience in the hospital;

Marianne Burke (UVM) – challenging the status quo in the name of justice, libraries and access to medical information;

Alison Clapp (Children’s) – experimenting with blogging software to facilitate journal clubs for busy nurses

Joanne Doucette (MCPHS)  – scanning and transcribing the prescriptions from 19th century Portland, Maine to make this unique collection available online

Anne Fladger (Brigham & Women’s) – using her mad organizational skills to improve a policy and procedure process for rehabilitation staff;

Melissa Funaro (Yale) – making wise decisions about the collection to make space available without hindering access;

Cara Marcus (Faulkner)– expanding the roles of volunteers to give them greater opportunities to use their talents;

Martha Meacham (UMass)– supporting research on women’s health by providing quick access to necessary resources;

Thomas Mead (Dartmouth)– having fun and using humor to teach MESH and searching skills, because Johnny doesn’t work cheap;

Meaghan Muir (Brigham & Women’s) – partnering with psychiatric nurses to develop a rich resource of valuable information;

Hongjie Wang  (UCONN)– taking a chance and winning big on a Fulbright to study and teach in Chengdu, China.

Thank you again to these librarians who shared their superpowers to make NAHSL 2014 so memorable. It was terrific working with you all as Program chair of the conference.

Links above will take you to the posters and slides if available.

Submitted by:

Dina McKelvy, MLS, AHIP

Maine Medical Center Library



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