A New Member’s Reflection on the 2015 NAHSL Conference

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Mary Hughes is a NAHSL award winner and a new NAHSL member.  Congratulations, Mary and welcome to NAHSL!

A New Member’s Reflection on the 2015 NAHSL Conference

Blog Post by Mary Hughes

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

My journey began on Sunday afternoon October 18 around 12:30 when I picked up 2 colleagues and we headed north on route 95 to my home state of RI. I was really looking forward to the conference because it was my first librarian conference and it was in RI!  I am a new member to NASHL and was looking forward to meeting many new and interesting people.   The new members welcome reception was especially nice.  I had the opportunity to meet new members and older members as well.  Everyone was very pleasant and it was fun talking to people and finding out where they were from and what type of work they did at their library.  The opening reception was equally wonderful.  It was a short walk from the hotel to The Dorrance building. There is quite a bit of history associated with the building and I found that intriguing. I found it unbelievable to see a plaque representing the water level during the 1938 hurricane (13 feet).   After the reception we headed back to the hotel and had an amazing dinner at the hotel restaurant, Centro. (Thank you Living Social!)

The next morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning breakfast and viewing the exhibits. The breakfast was good but could not compare to all the free items the vendors were handing out. I snatched up so much stuff I needed a bag fortunately that was not a problem because the next table gave away tote bags!  I love gadgets and gizmos!  Many of my friends who did not attend the conference were happy with the pens and other items I brought back for them.

The guest speakers were very interesting. It is always great to hear how important the library is for all ages.  The paper presentations were informative and I thought my colleague Lei Wang created a wonderful time-saving application for MeSH analysis.  It will save me hundreds of hours of work!  The lightening rounds were just as informative, and it is always nice to see what other libraries are working on.

I found the poster presentation session a little intimidating.  I presented my first poster at a conference and was not sure what to expect.  Shortly before the presentation time I went around to see all of the posters.

Mary and her 2016 NAHSL poster

They were all quite different and impressive.  I took my position at my poster and had many visitors and many questions. The session seemed to go just fine. Next year I won’t feel nearly as intimidated!

During the banquet we had a great time playing “Family Feud”. Competition was strong between the team tables, but that only enhanced the fun we had.

I really enjoyed the conference and can’t wait till next year when Yale University is hosting the conference. I won’t have to travel far but I am sure I will learn a lot and have a nice time.

I want to give a special thank you to Melanie Norton who encouraged me to do the poster presentation at this conference. Another special shout out goes to all the Cushing/Whitney Library staff members who participated in the conference and helped make the conference a huge success.


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