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Robin Devin is another winner of our NAHSL Professional Development award.  Thank you, Robin for your excellence in blogging!


Blog post by Robin Devin, Health Sciences Librarian

University of Rhode Island

Once again the NAHSL Annual Conference left me with much to contemplate and much to admire.  I am thankful for the NAHSL Annual Meeting Professional Development Award for making my attendance possible.  The NAHSL Conference is always such an outstanding learning experience.  The only downside is that so much excellence may lead one to feel somewhat inadequate!

First there was the excellence of the speakers.  Take the featured speaker, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, for example.  Here is someone who, in addition to his undergraduate degree, has earned a PA, MPH, MSLIS, and an MD.  His professional accomplishments are too long to list.  Above all else he gave an outstanding presentation – well structured, engaging, and enlightening.  Thankfully he provided the slides for those who could not attend.  But they alone are unable to convey the outstanding quality of his talk.

Then there was the excellence of the contributed papers, lightning round presentations, and posters presented by our members.  I am so glad our annual conferences are setting aside more and more time to allow us to hear about the amazing work being done by our own librarians.  The contributed paper on the Yale MeSH Analyzer by Holly Grossetta Nardini and Lei Wang left me with my mouth hanging open with a huge WOW!  The poster by Shanti Freundlich, “Working through Imposter Syndrome: Toward Excellence in Collection Development,” highlighted an important aspect of our work that is not often discussed.  I hope that all of those presenting, both the speakers and those who presented posters, will be able to share their outstanding work by posting it on the NAHSL website presentation page.

And lastly, but not least, there is the excellence of the organizers.  The conference ran so smoothly and seemingly without a hitch.  All the sessions were worthwhile, the social events were fun, the venue was great and even the food was perfect!  It all seemed so effortless and yet I know about the incredible work that went on for many months behind the scenes that made it all possible.

All of this led me to wonder, as I head toward the end of my career, so what have I accomplished in my life?  I am suffering from inadequacy from an overabundance of excellence.  But I will not despair!  I will use the NAHSL Conference once again to inspire me to greater heights of librarianship and re-invigorate my commitment to the field.  Thanks to everyone involved for making that possible.


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