Making Connections

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This is the last blog post of our 2015 NAHSL Professional Development award winners. Thank you, Lisa for sharing your NAHSL 2015 experiences.

Making Connections

Blog post by Lisa Adriani, Public Services Library

Edward and Barbara Netter Library

Quinnipiac University

Upon reflecting on the NAHSL 2015 “Anchored in Excellence” Annual Meeting, one thing that stood out in my mind was the idea of making connections. In general, conferences get me out of my daily routine and cause me to make connections which I would not have had otherwise. This meeting provided me that opportunity.

My first meeting connection started to form months before the actual conference. I had opportunities to be involved in both a presentation with my immediate coworkers at Quinnipiac University and to present a poster with librarians outside of my institution. In particular, the poster connected me with librarians I had never had the opportunity to work with before. My poster team was Anne-Marie Kaminski from CAHSL and Margo Coletti and Stephanie Friree from MAHSLIN. It proved to be a friendly interstate cooperation where we took a look at health science librarian salaries in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Because of this collaboration I have new professional connections while gaining insight to salaries.

Poster image true final

Another connection started right after I checked into the hotel. I got into the elevator with one other conference attendee. Throughout my short stay in Providence, I ran into the same person a few times in the elevator. It eventually sparked conversation and a personal connection. Overall, the entire meeting provided the time to meet new people and reconnect with familiar faces.

Additionally, the plenary speakers seemed to touch upon making connections during their talks. Francis Groen encouraged us to connect with our users wherever they are to allow them to make the most use of the library which she mentioned could be complex in today’s digital age. Dr. Dipesh Navsaria forthrightly told us to be more visible, to get out from behind our desks, to go to rounds in the hospital, to get in people’s faces and to get in the curriculum. Amy Dickenson briefly spoke about connections we make through Twitter and other social media where information is serendipitously curated by its followers. She wished that libraries could harness the marketing that social networking provides to reach our users in new ways.

Dipesh Navsaria_NAHSL2015_2

The variety of chances to make connections with colleagues and the occasions to learn about new ways to spark connections with library users are what made the meeting significant. It was a great time to learn and grow in the profession.




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