Back in the right frame of mind

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The Professional Development Committee presented 14 financial awards for members to attend the NAHSL 2016 conference in New Haven, Connecticut. Over the next few weeks we will be reading about our winners experiences at the conference.

Below is our first blog post from one of our award winners, Christine Fleuriel from the VA Maine Healthcare System.

 Back in the right frame of mind

The generosity of NAHSL allowed me to attend this year’s great meeting in New Haven, and I am very appreciative. Although the length of the drive down and traffic slowdowns initially dampened my enthusiasm slightly, the opening reception and especially the tour at the Cushing-Whitney Library put me back in the right frame of mind.


After a tasty breakfast refueled me, I was ready for the morning’s speakers, whom I enjoyed a great deal. Jack Hughes’ talk was full of information about the state of health insurance in the US and clarified some points for me. It was somewhat encouraging to know that I was knowledgeable about some of the health statistics he asked about, such as the percentage of people in the US who do not have health insurance. Some facts, such as how the US rates in certain areas compared with other countries, showed areas for significant improvement and that the country ranks lower than I had thought. By having his presentation be more interactive with the voting clickers made it more interesting than a straight talk would have been, and I found myself focusing more easily than I might have otherwise.

Susan Keane Baker’s talk was a nice counterbalance to Dr. Hughes’ talk. She provided useful advice on customer service tactics with the right amount of levity. Having us choose a partner gave me the chance to speak briefly with Barbara Epstein, president-elect of MLA.

Other highlights for me were the lightning presentations and William Powers’ talk. Nancy Bianchi’s presentation is making me consider how I might change my biweekly new employee presentation. Powers’ talk gave me at least two more books I need to read (Hamlet’s Blackberry and The Patient Will See You Now).

This was a very good meeting; kudos to the Planning Committee, and thanks again to NAHSL for providing a scholarship.

Christine Fleuriel, MSLIS

VA Maine Healthcare







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