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Lisa Adriani, Public Service Librarian at Quinnipiac University,  is another winner of NAHSL’s Professional Development award.  Below, Lisa shares her takeaways from the 2016 NAHSL conference, both in writing and with a very cool Piktochart!

Thank you, Lisa.


I enjoyed the opportunity to attend NAHSL 2016 conference. It was great to see participation by librarians from all over the region. There were many amazing posters, lightning rounds, plenary speakers and spotlight speakers. The diversity of topics and depth was intriguing. I narrowed down my favorites and picked three things to share.

First, I spent several minutes with Kathleen Crea, Teri Shiel and Rich McIntyre from the UConn Health Center at their poster entitled, “Social Media Tools for Marketing Your Brand.” They talked about Piktochart which they have been using for library promotion. Later on, I checked it out on my own. I decided I try it out and use it for this blog post. I used the free version available at I thought it was easy to navigate and had lots of helpful templates to get you started. I can see using this in the future for creating graphically interesting handouts. Hopefully, you like the one I created. It was fun!


My favorite plenary speaker was Susan Keane Baker. It was good to have a review on basic customer service. She gave some really great tips. Here are some of them:

  1. Be nice first.
  2. Speak with the person on the same physical level. Stand up and greet people.
  3. Let people know what happens next. Tell the person right before you do something what you are going to do.
  4. When you answer the phone listen for the caller’s name. Then use it quickly in the conversation.

Lastly, seeing and spending time with my librarian colleagues was a blast. I enjoyed all the spotlights and lightning rounds from our colleagues. For example, watching Anne Romano from Silver Hill Hospital present on mental health to-go kits that are circulating in the hospital and local libraries community was awesome. At the banquet, the circus theme provided some fun. It was definitely memorable to “juggle” with Nancy Goodwin. I also thought the NAHSL Achievement Award going to Kathy Stemmer-Frumento was well deserved. Over my years of being involved in NAHSL, Kathy has shown dedication and commitment with a sense of humor and a smile.

Thank you for the grant money to help me attend the conference. Thank you to all who planned the conference. It was very well done. Looking forward to next year!

Lisa Adriani

Public Services/Health Sciences Librarian

Quinnipiac University, CT


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