NAHSL Innovation: Engaging Students During Bibliographic Instruction

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NAHSL Innovations are a way for our members to share their successful innovations or best practices with their colleagues. If you are aware of an innovation that you would like to suggest, please visit the NAHSL Innovations webpage.

Thank you to Jessica Kilham of the Lyman Maynard Stowe Library at the UCONN Health Center for sharing the latest NAHSL Innovation. Jessica has come up with a unique interactive way to teach bibliographic instruction.

“As an instruction librarian, I am always looking for new ideas to engage students during bibliographic instructions.  My latest approach is to have them build a search using cards that I pass out.  Printed on the cards are keywords, MeSH terms, MeSH terms with subheadings, Boolean operators, quotation marks and parentheses.  Working in small groups, students are given a very vague topic and told to create a search strategy using the cards that have been given.  Almost instantly the students are actively discussing strategy and seeking clarification on concepts that they do not understand.

Engaging students in the learning process increases their attention during the class and promotes meaningful learning.   More importantly, it makes the class fun and exciting!”

Jessica Kilham

Information & Education Services Librarian Lyman Maynard Stowe Library UCONN Health Center Farmington, Connecticut 06034

Jessica Kilham's NAHSL Innovation Jessica Kilham’s NAHSL Innovation

Jessica Kilham's NAHSL Innovation

Jessica Kilham’s NAHSL Innovation


March 2011 Innovation

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Congratulations to Arline Dyer, winner of this quarter’s NAHSL Innovations Award.  In preparation for this year’s National Nurses’ Week activities, make sure to check out the description of her marketing tip and feel free to use the comment option to let your NAHSL colleagues know what you do to celebrate the nursing staff at your hospital.  Do you have an innovation (large or small) you would like to share?  Click on the “NAHSL Innovation” tab at the top of this page for the submission form!

Lunch & Learn: Multi-tasking at Its Finest

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[This NAHSL Innovation was submitted by Mary Ann Slocomb, MSLS, AHIP, Director of Library Services, Lifespan AMC and Women & Infants; RIH Archives, Rhode Island Hospital/Lifespan, Peters Health Sciences Library]

On the first Wednesday of each month from 11:30am to 1:30pm, Sue Warthman, Public Services Librarian, at Rhode Island Hospital packs up a laptop computer from the library and heads for the hospital cafeteria at the other end of the hospital campus. She has made arrangements for a table and chairs to be set up near the cafeteria entrance or exit to catch people on the way in or out of the cafeteria. Sue is holding a “Lunch and Learn” session where she is reaching out to employees and making them aware of the library’s services and resources. She will help them with researching a topic or show them the various resources that are available on the library’s intranet site. Besides the laptop, Sue brings lots of handouts, brochures and business cards. She also sells discarded, deleted health sciences books that she brings over on a cart from the library. On the front of the table there is a banner which reads “Lunch & Learn Lifespan Library”. So far during the two hours sessions she spends in the cafeteria she has met with 30 to 40 persons per session. Since the library is a distance from the main buildings, this is one way that the library goes out to meet the customers.

Innovation Never Grows Old

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The NAHSL CE and Marketing Committees are pleased to announce the latest NAHSL Innovation.

Submitted by Christine Bell, Medical Library, Newton-Wellesley Hospital

As a key player in Patient Education at NWH through its participation and coordination of the oversight Committee, the library has recently deployed the Krames-on-Demand(KODI)product – thousands of low literacy, multi-language health sheets on disease topics plus medications, and procedures.

The system is now in use throughout NWH to provide consistent teaching materials in support of patient care throughout the institution and affiliated physician offices.  The Library serves as the administrator, licensee, payor, technical specialist, and database manager.  The product has been well received by clinicians and the Library is now working with targeted groups to optimize their use by building clusters of related subject folders for use, by the areas.  As well, the library has recently completed the integration of the KODI authoring module so that NWH-produced patient communications and teaching materials can be developed or linked into KODI to provide a single source for all patient teaching across the hospital.

Another Great NAHSL Innovation!

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Thank you to Nancy Goodwin of Tremaine Library at Middlesex Hospital for sharing the following innovation with the Marketing and Continuing Education Committees. The members of these committees wish to share Nancy’s idea with everyone. Feel inspired!

“To celebrate National Medical Librarians Month we used the fishing theme to market the library.  We had lots of give-aways – bookmarks in the shape of a fish with the library’s contact information, individual packets of gummy worms, goldfish crackers, and chocolate fish cookies.  People entering the library walked past a window filled with undersea creatures and we had a real Chinese Fighting Fish on display inside.  We held a contest for tickets to Mystic Seaport by guessing the number of seashells in a large fishbowl and we created another contest, “Hook a Chance,” to answer a quiz of five questions using five different library databases. During the month a jigsaw puzzle of tropical fish was completed by patrons who were delighted to spend their break time on it. The librarians offered four workshops during the month on using library databases and handed out the fishy snacks at each one. We were successful in reaching several people who had never come to the library before and in reminding others in a humorous way about the Library’s many services.”

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