What does NAHSL mean to you?

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Greetings everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. The weather is hot and miserably humid. Yes, it’s summer!

The NAHSL Executive Board met last Friday and had a good bit of discussion around the topic of the value of professional organizations. As President, this has been of particular interest to me and I’m delighted that the Board, and in particular President-Elect, Rich Kaplan, find it important, too. It insures that we will give it the time and attention that it’s due.

From the national level (MLA) to our local consortia, members are grappling with the question, “Why do I belong to fill in the blank?” In a time when people feel extremely overworked and funding is being cut in places that affect us greatly, it’s natural to ask this question. Where do I want to put my time, efforts, and money? We need to get something back in exchange. That is understandable.

And perhaps it’s the fact that people don’t feel that they receive much in return that our membership numbers are falling. Again, at every level this is apparent.

With all of this in mind, I wanted to take a few minutes to remind everyone of the benefits of belonging to NAHSL. These can be found in more details on our website under the membership page:

  • Continuing Education – NAHSL sponsors numerous CE opportunities throughout the year, as well as the annual meeting. Members receive reminders of upcoming events, along with a discount on registration, when available.
  • Professional Development – NAHSL offers opportunities to acquire the information and skills needed to stay on top of the fast moving field of medical librarianship.
  • Leadership Opportunities – Committees and elected offices give members the chance to give back to their profession, while gaining experience in leadership roles.
  • Networking – Members have access to the NAHSL listserv, a closed list for communication.
  • Annual Meeting – Members receive a discounted rate to attend the annual meeting and take in timely and relevant programming, year after year.
  • Scholarships – Scholarships to attend classes, other professional development opportunities, and to initiate technology programs are available to members.

You need only be an active member of NAHSL to take advantage of each of these. Active membership is defined as joining or renewing by March 15 of each calendar year. This year, due to the Board’s decision to implement an online registration system, we extended the deadline for renewals to June 1.

I point this out now for a couple of reasons; first, people are going to start registering for the annual meeting soon. If you did not meet the extended renewal deadline of June 1, please do not expect the discounted rate for registration. Please do renew! Please do come to the annual meeting! There’s a terrific team, hard at work putting together an outstanding program. But we ask that people respect the policies of the organization and the benefits given to those who keep their membership current.

Secondly, the NAHSL listserv is also restricted to active members. On July 15 (extending this one even further), the list will be updated to reflect only current members. In the future, we will do this each March.

A benefit of membership implies membership, and membership implies being part of something. I personally hope that NAHSL provides its members with enough value to warrant wanting to belong to it. If not, I hope even more that you’ll share with me why it doesn’t and/or how we can restructure so that it does.

Times are changing and the model of our organization(s) was established when the ways that we work and communicate and network were very different. We want to close any gaps between what we want our organization to be and what it is. We can do that with your help.


Sally Gore, MS, MS LIS
NAHSL President


NAHSL Continuing Education Page – NEW & IMPROVED!

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Hey everyone! Check out the new CE page on the NAHSL website! You’ll find a calendar of upcoming CE events, a couple of work-at-your-own pace distance classes, the committee list, and other helpful links.

We’re also asking for YOUR help to further populate this page:

  • Send notices of any upcoming CE in your area – anything of interest to our members, sponsored by health sciences library associations or other groups.
  • Recommend any distance courses that you’ve taken. If you’ve previously taken one of the courses listed on the calendar, offer some feedback.
  • Make suggestions, offer comments, submit questions, share websites and resources – What would be helpful for you and your colleagues?

Help us to make this site as robust as we can, by sending us your input. You can add comments to this blog post, on the CE page directly, or send an email to one of the Committee members.

Thanks very much and we look forward to hearing from you,

— Jeannine Gluck (on behalf of the NAHSL Education Committee)

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